beplayer体育 Server Management Add-on

Manage beplayer体育 Server at Scale

Enhanced manageability, scalability and security

The beplayer体育 Server Management Add-on makes it easier to run large, mission-critical beplayer体育 Server deployments. With the Server Management Add-on, you can react quickly to the changing needs of your business and save time by streamlining the management process.

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image of Better visibility for efficient Server management

Better visibility for efficient Server management

Get the most out of your deployment, through enhanced agent-based monitoring with the beplayer体育 Resource Monitoring Tool. The Resource Monitoring Tool offers deep insights into the health and performance of a beplayer体育 Server cluster by parsing and analyzing the logs generated by overall Server usage and combining that with monitoring of physical system usage (CPU Usage, RAM, Disk I/O etc.). Threshold based monitoring helps you stay on top of the health of your deployment. With increased visibility into hardware utilization, VizQL sessions, data source queries, backgrounder workloads and more, it’s easier to manage and precisely tune the performance of your server.

image of Simplified content migration

Simplified content migration

Simplify and streamline your workbook and data source content workflows with the beplayer体育 Content Migration Tool. Manage the movement of content between projects, sites or beplayer体育 Server environments. Build your migration plan visually, and then set it to a schedule. You can remap data sources, and perform other workbook transformations.

image of Leverage cloud services for better reliability and scalability

Leverage cloud services for better reliability and scalability

For large deployments hosted on AWS, customers can choose to host their beplayer体育 Server metadata repository externally, with Amazon RDS Postgres. This approach provides increased scalability and high availability for organizations with large amounts of beplayer体育 metadata.

image of Optimize  workloads

Optimize workloads

Optimize the performance of your deployment by customizing which nodes process background jobs such as extract refreshes and subscriptions. By isolating these workloads to specific nodes, it's easier to scale your deployment to the needs of your organization.

Additional resources for IT

Discover more tools to help deploy, support, and scale beplayer体育 analytics across your organization.

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image of KMS Integration for encrypted extracts

KMS Integration for encrypted extracts

For data extract encryption at rest, we integrate with Amazon KMS. For existing AWS KMS customers, this capability helps you centralize your key management efforts and unlocks more advanced security and compliance scenarios.

image of External file store support

External file store support

With the Server Management add-on, you can leverage network storage devices for backup snapshots which significantly reduces the time required to perform a back up. You can also use this capability to streamline your deployment topology by centralizing your file store, eliminating the need to run file stores on multiple nodes in a beplayer体育 Server Cluster.


Our offerings match beplayer体育 capabilities with the unique needs of different types of users to create, explore, and view trusted content with beplayer体育’s governed self-service analytics platform.

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