The faith to reap – 2/4/2019

This week we read the article in the liahona called “2 levels of faith”. I really liked it because it talks about the faith to try and the faith to reap.. More than anything i like the part where it talks about how we can try and maybe we succeed on our own, but true faith to reap comes from jesus christ. I really liked it because i have notices, as it says in nephi, that we are saved after all we do. I think many times, we exercise the faith to reap the harvest when we dedicate ourselves to prayer and study. Continue reading “The faith to reap – 2/4/2019”

Go nuts crazy – 1/29/2019

Hey everyone well this was such a good week. Nancy Jr. finally got baptized and it was soooooooooo awesome. There was sooo much support from the ward. It really impacted her family and now we are working on helping them get baptized. It was so awesome because nancy gave her testimony and she talked about how she had gone everywhere and had never found what could fill her. She said from the moment that she walked into the church she felt filled. Continue reading “Go nuts crazy – 1/29/2019”

What’s up fam – 1/21/2019

Well almost all of this week i was sick with a stomach infection haha. Yesterday i was dying haha. Its alright, today i am feeling a lot better. Well sorry for not writing a lot last week. As far as people here go, eric is doing super well and is progressing a lot. It is awesome to see a convert that gets the priesthood and participates and such. The branch president already spoke with him about plans for going to the temple in a year and getting sealed to his wife. Continue reading “What’s up fam – 1/21/2019”

Feliz Ano – 12/31/2018

Hey well i dont have a lot of time today…. I hope I will be able to write later…. Today we have changes…. But i dont have changes, i just have to go to organize some.  So i will stay here at least a little longer with elder santiago.   As far as the week went, it was super awesome to see the family.  It was a great christmas. I dont think that i will ever forget this christmas in the mission.  Last christmas i was a little trunky just because it was my first one away from home, however this one, I knew what to expect and it was just a great experience. Continue reading “Feliz Ano – 12/31/2018”

Called to the work – 12/10/2018

I title my email this week, “called to the work” because i remembered a talk from elder Bednar before i left talking about how we are not called to a specific area, but rather to the work.  It is because during the week we found 4 people that are literally golden, but after finding them, we learned that they didnt live in our area, were moving out, or going on vacation.  Continue reading “Called to the work – 12/10/2018”

Light the World – 12/3/2018

I love christmas time.  I watched the light the world videos and they just inspired me.  I am so excited to be able to focus on light the world for the next month.  This month is going to pass by so fast haha.  We started off our light the world campaign with the ward by making tons of sandwiches and hot chocolate for all the people that have to wait in the emergency room.  Continue reading “Light the World – 12/3/2018”