Do you love me? – 4/15/2019

I am not putting this subject line from the talk that elder holland gave about the first great commandment. I am puuting it from the stake conference that we had this weekend. i really liked it, our awesome stake president, president gutierrez spoke about how many times we dont tell the people we love that we love them. Then he threw the curve ball and said that “do you love me?” should never be a question. I really liked it. Continue reading “Do you love me? – 4/15/2019”

Box dia – 4/1/2019

Well i am striving to learn portuguese with my new companion.  It is so hard!!1 haha I just start speaking spanish every time i try to speak portuguese.  It is awesome because we are learning together.  He is learning spanish and i am learning portuguese so we are working together to teach eachother.  My companion elder Gonçalves is so awesome.  he is the only member in his family, he has about three years as a member and he has always wanted to serve a mission since he was baptized.  He just keeps talking about how much he loves mexico and it is just so awesome to be with him, we are working super hard.
This week was just one hundred percent finding.  We are opening the area so we have to look for investigators the the other missionaries left us and in our area there are no street signs haha.  So we get lost a lot haha.  However we had a great week contacting and getting to know the members, we have been well recieved here in our area.  The members are already starting to give us references and we are already starting to see the blessings from the lord.
This week while contacting, we had a really cool experience with two ladys named Rosa and Jasmine.  We saw their door open so we went and knocked it.  The let us in and told us that other missionaries had been there before but then they just disappeared. We taught them the restoration and they accepted baptismal dates.  It was a super powerful lesson.  They explained to us how they want to get closer to god, but they dont know how.  It was just a testimony to me that the lord is always preparing people to be taught.
Then we found some old investigators named Lino and Maribel.  They have been listening to the missionaries for a little while now.  We were able to put baptismal dates with them.  Lino has been a very bad person haha… well that is what he says.  I think he is a good guy.  He wants to change and he believes in the church.  So what we are going to do with him is prepare him for baptism by really jamming repentance into his brain haha.  His wife maribel has never really had a firm belief in a god.  So we are helping her come to know who god and christ are.  As a matter of fact, we had a super awesome lesson where we were just testifying the whole time haha.  Then we challenged them to fast this sunday and watch the conference.  I know it will be a special experience.
There is a woman that wants to be baptized and her name is brenda.  Her daughter is alice.  She just wants the best for her daughter and is just golden.  She just keeps talking about how she knows that the church is true and that it will guide her and her family.
Overall, in our new area of san francisco acuautla, it was just great.
I also had the opportunity to go back and baptize in texcoco this last weekend.  There were 4 baptisms on the side of chapingo and 1 baptism on the side of texcoco.  My companion and i had taught the girl from texcoco that got baptized and we passed the reference to the sister missionaries.  It really increased my testimony knowing that we are always planting seeds and we never know if they will sprout or not. 
I love being a missionary, i know this church is true, i hope you all enjoy your general conference this weekend.

Love you,
Elder Bentley